Advertisements’s 2015 Girl Group Week has come to an end, and to mark the occasion, we wanted to reveal the results of our second annual Girl Group Week Readers’ Poll, which let pop fans vouch for their favorite girl group songs, albums, videos and more. With thousands of votes cast in the three days that […]

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YG Entertainment’s BIGBANG and 2NE1 are the only K-Pop artists that made it onto the YouTube Music Awards’ list of 50 artists to watch in 2015. On March 2, YouTube announced, “Introducing this year’s YouTube Music Award winners. These are the artists with the biggest growth in views, subscribers and engagement over the last six […]

2NE1’s CL revealed her ambitious goal ahead of her upcoming American debut in the latest issue of Complex magazine. On February 18, CL had an interview with U.S. magazine ‘Complex’ and said, “There are many Korean, Chinese, and Japanese in U.S. But they don’t have one pop artist that they can look up to. It’s […]

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“If you’re thinking of a superstar as a person who receives an invitation to be on the front row on fashion weeks all the time, then I am not a superstar” Source: Adidas Originals Translated by:

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