[HD FANTAKEN] 140920 Super Gorgeous & Adorable CL at “All Or Nothing” Concert in Guangzhou (Batch 8)

Batch 12, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7

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7ceca913gw1ekpuusukinj20ij0rs79r 7ceca913gw1ekpuxjs2izj20ij0rsn1b 7ceca913gw1ekpuxmwtk2j20rs0ijjuv 7ceca913gw1ekpumyqpimj20rs0ijq8n 7ceca913gw1ekpumxfq07j20ij0rsdma 7ceca913gw1ekpumvk802j20ij0rsdkm 7ceca913gw1ekpuohacsdj20ij0rswh6 7ceca913gw1ekpuoku6i5j20rs0ij43y 7ceca913gw1ekpuxlshgwj20ij0rs41w 7ceca913gw1ekpuxivirej20rs0ijwh8 8b00f11fgw1ekofokhq1yj21kw11s132 8b00f11fgw1ekofoe8v5nj21kw11sk04 8b00f11fgw1ekofow4ad9j21kw11s4f3005HTVBEgw1ekq28w0mivj315o0xc43h 005HTVBEgw1ekq28sungbj315o0xcdjv 005HTVBEgw1ekq293q5xjj315o0xcafb 005HTVBEgw1ekq291hm39j30xc15o43j

Source: QueenCL李彩麟中文网 + WoW0121 + CL吧


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