WLC Project #5: “MiraCL`e” for CL’s 25th Birthday


Hello everyone! Time flies really fast. It’s already February and in a few days time, our ever passionate and hardworking CL will be turning 25! *clap clap* It seems like it was just yesterday when we first celebrated her birthday with her after debuting in 2NE1 ㅠㅠ

We want to make to make CL’s birthday this year more memorable as she’s going to debut in the U.S as well, We Love Chaerin prepared a simple but meaningful project only for CL. Listed below are the gifts/plans we have for CL’s upcoming birthday (February 26).

Charity Donation ($365)


We all witnessed how much CL loves kids and because of this, we came up with the idea of donating to a charity under CL’s name. We will be donating to YG Entertainment’s Sean & Purme Foundation’s $1 Miracle (click here for more details) to help build a rehabilitation hospital for children with disabilities and give them hope. The one time gift for a year costs $365 and we are asking for your help for us to be able to complete this wonderful project.

To those who are interested to donate, you can send the money through WLC’s paypal account: welovechaerin@gmail.com. 

If you’re from Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore, you can bank-in the money and contact the following people:

Philippines: Cathy ()

Thailand: Bo  ()

Malaysia: Joern ()

Singapore: Amanda ( )

Any amount would be highly appreciated ❤ After sending in your donations, please email us your name, twitter account, amount of donation and your country at welovechaerin@gmail.com with the subject “Donation Details“. 

Scrapbook + Messagebook (~$50)


Since CL will be debuting in the U.S soon and will celebrate her birthday as well, we want to give her a scrapbook customized by our primary admin which will include photos from CL’s instagram which she can look at to reminisce such great memories and experiences she had in the past years.

Meanwhile, the messagebook will be filled with handwritten messages by all of you who will participate in our project.

How to participate:

– Write your message (in english or korean but PLEASE refrain from using Korean if you’re not fluent) for CL’s birthday and you can write your congratulatory message for her solo debut in the U.S. as well.

– Must be written on an A4 sized paper  (1 page per person only)

– Scan or take a picture (please make sure that it’s clear and your message is readable) of your handwritten message and send it to We Love Chaerin’s email: welovechaerin@gmail.com with the subject: “Message for CL”

Since we still have to print out the messages and design the messagebook, the deadline for submitting your messages is until January 26.



CL once said “I love balloons” on her instagram and she feels happy whenever she gets balloons which is why we want to give her birthday balloons too. She was so adorable when she got a balloon from fans in Malaysia during their last AON concert so we want to make her happy and feel like a kid once again on her birthday. The balloons will be filled with red heart-shaped papers inside just like this:


We will be needing $450 to complete this project. With the excess money we will be able to collect, we will give CL a few things that she can use and make her comfortable. We will also prepare chocolates and gummy bears for her as she posted a photo of gummy bears on her instagram and was spotted chewing some at the airport (which is sooo adorable).


Thank you so much for reading and we are hoping for your participation. If you have any concerns, please free to ask us on the comment section below. Have a nice day!

from all of us at We Love Chaerin



  1. I can use all the space of the page?

    1. Yes ^__^ As long as it will still be readable when you take a picture of it or scan it.

      1. ok ^__^ thank you guys for making this project, is a way to feel more closer to Chaerin, I’m sure she will love 🙂

        1. Aww, it’s our pleasure. We just want to let her know how much we love her & we will always support her. Thank you for your support as well! Have a nice day ^___^

  2. (a4 paper)

  3. Beau · · Reply

    Can we decorate the a4 paper too?

    1. Ofcourse ^__^

  4. crystal · · Reply

    Must be a scanned onee?^^

    1. You can take a picture of it too as long as its readable ^___^

  5. admin-nim,there’s a problem here,it should be 24th,not 25th 🙂

    1. She’s turning 25 in korean age. 🙂

      1. oh,ok ok thank you 🙂

  6. Can we put some signature there? Like our twitter or ig account? Pleasee😅😅😅

  7. Can we put some signature there? Like our twitter or ig account? Pleasee😅😅

    1. Oh, yes sure!

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