[ARTICLE] 150224 2NE1’s CL Discusses Her Upcoming U.S. Debut


2NE1’s CL revealed her ambitious goal ahead of her upcoming American debut in the latest issue of Complex magazine.

On February 18, CL had an interview with U.S. magazine ‘Complex’ and said, “There are many Korean, Chinese, and Japanese in U.S. But they don’t have one pop artist that they can look up to. It’s a bit sad. I wish I could be that person for them to be proud of.”

When asked about her relationship with Scooter Braun, who is helping her U.S. debut, CL answered, “He recognized me as an artist already. He liked what I’ve done, and wanted to maintain my style while adapting to a new market. It’s not like I’m going to sing a whole song in Korean like Psy, but I think it’s a good balance.”

Regarding her image for music market in America, she said, “I’m not objected to become beautiful or sexy, but I have cool image. I want to remain my cool image.”

She continued, “I think what matters the most is good music. I’m not a rookie. I’ve been doing solo activities in Asia for a long time. It’s just a new market. I have to have good music, so I’m focusing on that.”

Source: NATE


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