All About CL


1. CL speaks in French, English, Korean and Japanese.

2. Her father, Lee Ki Jin is a Physics professor.

3. CL used to be a JYP trainee before entering YGE.

4. She became a trainee under YG entertainment in 2006.

5. CL once revealed on a radio interview that she wears a boy’s uniform in school.

6. Since she was in Grade 4, she’s been buying her own clothes herself.

7. She’s known to be a computer-illiterate and she confessed she’s having troubles with changing a computer’s desktop background.

8. Minzy revealed on an interview that CL gave her the latest iPhone model because she was using the old model.

9. She’s a clean-freak.

10. She was a translator between local and foreign dancers because of her good English skills.

11. She said she would love to try living in Egypt, Africa and Greece.

12. CL can dance ballet.

13. She’s the “sleepy head” in 2NE1. She once slept for 20 hours straight.

14. CL doesn’t want to cry in front of the members.

15. CL is known to be someone who dont easily cry but she revealed on an interview that after their last tour in Singapore for New Evolution, after arriving in their house, she really cried a lot.

16. CL made an english demo for “Let’s go Party” but it wasn’t released.

17. She likes guys who have nice butts and can have a good flow of conversation with her.

18. She revealed on an interview that she plays with her mom’s friends and aunt’s friends when she was young.

19. CL shockingly revealed that she’s the most feminine among 2NE1.

20. CL’s hobby is drawing.

21. She has a personality of now showing things to others unless it’s perfect.

22. According to her, CL and Chaerin are different. She said that CL is the exact opposite of Chaerin.

23. She’s most confident in cooking French food and she learn from her grandmother.

24. She loves collecting old archives of Chanel, Versace, Mugler, Junior Gaultier, and Castelbajac.

25. She revealed that she’s not comfortable when she’s not wearing thick eye-liner.

26. CL loves to be with people who see her weirdly.

Credits to all translators of interviews, etc.




  1. cl unnie your the best i love u not just because ur my idol,i love u cause u love who u truly are!!

  2. Annabel · · Reply

    CL,i ♥ u because you are pretty.

  3. unnie CL . saranghaeyo .. 🙂 your the best ..


  5. steffie lee · · Reply

    cl i love u

  6. Bay Bay · · Reply

    I Love U… 😘😘😘CL

  7. mary ann ting toribio · · Reply

    really love 2ne1 esp cl….she’s the best!

  8. Anonymous · · Reply

    ilove cl sarangheyo cl

  9. Anonymous · · Reply

    cl loves drawing wow i don not know that

  10. Nyllerielle · · Reply

    saranghaeyo chaelee or CL your the best

  11. Anonymous · · Reply


  12. Sam from Jamaica · · Reply

    Whoa….. computer illiterate?………..0.o
    She’s still awesome anyway.

    1. She used to be. But she’s slowly learning now. Thanks to the girls especially Dara for helping her out! Haha

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