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[PHOTO + TRANS] 150218 CL’s Superstar Story for Adidas

“If you’re thinking of a superstar as a person who receives an invitation to be on the front row on fashion weeks all the time, then I am not a superstar” Source: Adidas Originals Translated by: Advertisements

[PHOTO] 150218 Jeremy Scott’s instagram update: “MY BITCH BAD BADDER THAN YOURZ”

itsjeremyscott: MY BITCH BAD BADDER THAN YOURZ Source: itsjeremyscott  

[VIDEO] 150219 CL Talks About her Life as a Student & More for Complex Magazine Interview

Source: Complex

[INFO] 150212 AOA’s Jimin Picks CL as one of the Best Rappers

“For the rappers who are of the same age as i am, I think B.I., Bobby & CL sunbae (senior) are the best. CL sunbae’s domination on stage and natural ‘swag’ is amazing. There is truly an impact everytime 2NE1 comes out. I think everyone who sees them says that they are cool.” Source: Nate […]

[PHOTOS] 150216 Fierce, Charismatic & Sexy CL for New Adidas Shoot

[INFO] 150214 Girlgroup ‘G-Friend”s Member SinB Says CL is her Role Model

“My role model is 2NE1’s CL sunbae (senior). Sunbae’s look is really cool.” A/N: G-Friend is a six-member South Korean girl group formed by Source Music in 2015. Source: Naver + Google Translated by:

[PHOTO] 150215 CL’s Photos for “Maybelline New York” Endorsement Spotted at Watsons Korea

Source: @Planet2NE1

[INFO] 150215 CL Reveals her ‘Secret Weapon’ for Long Flights

Source:  @whitewoodCL

[PHOTO] 150215 Unseen Photo of Gorgeous & Sexy CL

*___* She’s just stunning! And sexy T__T