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[PHOTO + TRANS] 150218 CL’s Superstar Story for Adidas

“If you’re thinking of a superstar as a person who receives an invitation to be on the front row on fashion weeks all the time, then I am not a superstar” Source: Adidas Originals Translated by: Advertisements

[TRANS] 141006 CL’s Interview for Maybelline New York “Maybelline Mega Eyes Mascara”

Translation for CL’s interview for  Maybelline New York “Maybelline Mega Eyes Mascara”

[TWITTER] 140816 Dara Shares a Photo of CL, Minzy and her With Lee Hi, AkMu and Team B

daraxxi:  I had more cute hoobaes (juniors) now!!! #LeeHi #Akmu #TeamB Grow up well ^_^ Source: daraxxi Translated by:

[TRANS] 140815 Mino Thanks 2NE1 and CL on his “Thanks To” on WINNER’s Debut Album

Source: @21Luchan + @whitewood_cl

[PHOTO + TRANS] 140723 ‘HAZZYS’ Launches “Who’s That Girl?” Event (With Instructions How to Join)

[EVENT] HAZZYS Accesories, ‘Who’s that GIRL’ EVENT! Who is  HAZZYS Accesories’ 14FW’s model?

[PHOTO] 140626 Dara Shares a Cute Photo of 2NE1 in Japan: “Thank you for loving us!”

@krungy21: Japanese album after 2 years! Everyone hasn’t forgotten & waited for 2NE1!Thank you for loving us.  2NE1’s songs are playing at the store~Thank you! TSUTAYA Shibuya Source: @krungy21  Translated by: Cathy@WeLoveChaerin

[TRANSLATIONS] 140620 Taeyang Talks About CL on His Interview with “Vogue” Magazine

Source: @ShrimpLJY

[PHOTO + TRANS] 140226 Maybelline New York Wishes CL A Happy Birthday

Maybelline: <I ❤ CL> Facebook friends, Today, Februrary 26 is our model CL’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CL!! Source:  Maybelline New York’s facebook

[PHOTO/TRANS] 140120 UK Fashion Designer KESH and CL To Have a Collaboration?

Hmmm what could it be?! Source:  Naver Translations by: @Unnieya_CL