#1 – “Operation I-BJs”


As you all know, 2NE1 is coming to Malaysia on the coming 23rd of March, and to give the girls a warm welcome, we will be collaborating with some international fansites and we will have a surprise mission for the girls. And it is called, “Operation I-Blackjacks” .

Thank you so much @2addicted2ne1, @cheezy_bj & @jinweytoh21 for the donations and thank you Blackjacks for your support! With your help, we were able to print out 200 We Love Chaerin banners (as seen below) to be given out to first 200 Malaysian Blackjacks who will come to the meeting place! Thank you so much ^_^



Part A (Cupcakes for Bom, letters for the girls) – Success!

@sgbjcrew was able to pass out these cute and adorable cupcakes to Bom! ♥



And the card that CL is holding is the letter from us for this project ❤


Part B (Clappers) – Success!

Originally, @sgbjcrew was supposed to give lightsticks but due to some problems with the customs not allowing to ship the lightsticks in Malaysia (because of the batteries), brilliant Turtle unnie from Singapore Blackjacks crew came up w/ an idea of giving free clappers instead! This is to make sure that the girls would hear Blackjacks making noise all over the place cheering up for them 🙂 Apparently, this is how the clappers looked like:


And Blackjacks around the place were seen holding & using these clappers to cheer for the girls!


We are happy to inform that Operation I-Blackjacks, a joint project from international fansites was a success! The girls recognized the clappers & paid so much attention to it (accdng to sgbjcrew :))These wouldnt happen without Blackjacks’ full support & love they’ve been pouring us. And ofcourse, this project would never be possible without @sgbjcrew (round of applause) ㅋㅋ And all the fansites involved in this project! Thank you so much everyone & we hope you will stay tune & support our next projects to come. See you until our next project! ^_^


So, how was it?

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