#2: CL’s Solo Debut Project + CL Union♥


It’s not a dream because it’s happening for real! Our one and only baddest female CL will release her First Solo Single on May 28!! And we can’t can’t can’t wait for it! T__T

Few days ago, YG started releasing teasers and the first teaser has the names of all YG artists in it, til it was narrowed down to last five names, then two!! 2NE1 & CL creating noise among fans.. and on the 15th, it has been officially unveiled that CL will release her first ever solo single on 05.28!!

And to make the date even more special, we decided to join the CL Union, as it is to be participated by various CL fansites headed by leechaerin.com, CL’s #1 Korean fansite.

The target amount is $1000, leechaerin.com as well as CLTBF & QueenCL, CL Baidu Bar are already accepting donations so any amount will be highly appreciated and will help in the completion of this project.

CL Union Project‘s goal is to do food support for CL and staff on her first Inkigayo performance and one bus ad to promote CL’s first single which will last for a month. ^^

Sample bus ad

Sample Food support


Meanwhile, our fansite will send a simple flower basket for CL, and possibly with a cake to show our love for her, and to congratulate her for her first solo single, to be sent on CL’s first live performance.

def_1275_20130501105901 (1)

This is the heart-shaped flower basket our fansite is planning to send CL to congratulate her and to show our love for her at the same time.

We sincerely hope you guys would participate in this project and show support for CL’s very first solo single. Again, any amount is highly appreciated and will be a part of this project for CL! ^___^ Have a nice day! If you have any suggestions/questions, please feel free to comment below. ^^

List of Donors for CL Union Project:


**to be updated

Thank you so much everyone! We almost reached the total goal of the CL Union project alone T__T Thank you so much for the big big help and support you gave unto us! You guys are jjang ❤

Thank you Blackjacks! ♥



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