#3: WLC’s Giveaway for Blackjacks at ASC

Hello Blackjacks/Baddest Lovers! We are WeLovechaerin.com, and we would like to inform you about our second giveaway event for 2NE1’s upcoming performance in Singapore for the Asian Styles Collection event on the coming 22nd of June.

Other fansites like We Love Dara, We Love Bom and We Love Minzy will give away banners for the event, and our fansite, We Love Chaerin as well prepared something to show our support and love to our dearest CL.

As you all know, Asia Styles Collection is a fashion event, so to match up the type of the event, we decided to produce our own WLC head scarfs to be given away to 200 Blackjacks who will come at the event. And thank you so much @2addicted2ne1 Eeyuen unnie, and to all the people who helped us out! Thank you for the big big help! We ♥ you kk

Here is how the headscarf design:

And here are the finished head scarfs! Aren’t they cool? ^^ And our models look cool too right kkkk

As said by the ever kind and helpful Singapore Blackjacks Crew, the give away will take place on June 22nd, Saturday at 3 P.M. outside Expo Hall 3 to be given to priority to ticket holders first. 🙂 Dont forget to get your Gizibe headscarfs! In return, we sincerely hope you guys will like them, use and wear them throughout the event to show your support and love for our Baddest CL! Enjoy the event Blackjacks, and hope you liked our little gift ^_^

We would also like to thank our lovely donors who never stop helping us in all the projects we’re doing! These all will never happen without you! Thank you so much from the bottom of our Blackjack hearts ♥

We Love Chaerin


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