#4: CL’s 24th Birthday Project


Hello, Blackjacks! Happy Chinese New Year! The month of hearts is almost coming, and we’re all looking forward not only for Valentines’ day right? We’ve been also waiting for the most special day of the woman we’ve been loving and supporting for years now.

We Love Chaerin, in collaboration with other CL fansites, Chaerin Thailand, CL Is The Business UKYGQueens are planning to give CL simple but lovely birthday presents to make her smile on her very special day.

As for that, we prepared to give her:

1) Customized cookies

We will be giving custom designed cookies which will look like this. Since CL said on numerous interviews how much she loved performing her very first solo single, we decided to choose a design that CL will love, and also a design that will symbolize her. We will not be revealing the design until they’re done and ready.

SAMPLE CUSTOMIZED COOKIES (Please take note that this is NOT how the cookies will look like, these are just samples of customized cookies to give you an idea how it will somehow look like :D)


2) Customized cake

A birthday will be best celebrated with a cake, so we definitely included it on our list of what we’ll be giving CL. (The design of the cake will be posted later on as well.) We are hoping really she’ll like it!

SAMPLE CAKES (Please take note that this is NOT how the cake will look like, these are just samples of cakes that can be somewhat similar to what we are planning to give)


Together with the cake and cookies, we will also give CL messages which we collected from Blackjacks. We hope that this project will be a success, ofcourse with the help of an agent we asked to send the gifts to CL.

Please support us and see you on the 26th to celebrate CL’s birthday together. Have a nice day!!


So, how was it?

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