About Us


WeLoveChaerin started off as a twitter fansite on 28 Jan 2011. We have since celebrated two years of anniversary, thanks to the support of 2NE1 fans, especially CL lovers. When WeLoveChaerin was first introduced, the team had one ultimate goal and that is to spread love for 2NE1’s dedicated leader who is amazing at everything she does.


WeLoveChaerin brings CL fans fresh updates about the baddest female we all love. From photos to videos or information to translations, we have it all just for CL fans who shower her endless love. Thanks to the success of our twitter fansite, we finally welcome our very own website on 26 Feb 2013 to continue sharing news and information about CL and this date is special because we also celebrate the 23rd birthday (#CHAENEL23) of an amazing lady who has a special place in our heart and has come thus far in her life to be an inspiration and role model to us.This fansite is a gift to CL fans by CL fans to keep spreading more love for our awesome leader. Lee Chaerin, we love you!



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